brian anthony luke zeolla, inc. (helpwanted) wrote in toy_nostalgia,
brian anthony luke zeolla, inc.

alright i dont know who is still keeping an eye on this in their friends page. lets bring it back. why the hell not right. i watched speed racer for a couple hours last night, and i was thinking, this is fun. so keep on posting i will as well. so lets see. does anyone play magic, because ive been playing a lot for the past couple of months. i think it pertains because i learned to play it when i was in the sixth grade. what else, i play a lot of nhl 96, nba live 95 and alladin on my sega because my ps is broken. anybody still use an old system

my current lj name is berettamemoirs, but i wanted to let you know i the maintainer of this community, would like to breathe some life into it. add me on berettamemoirs though.
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