brian anthony luke zeolla, inc. (helpwanted) wrote in toy_nostalgia,
brian anthony luke zeolla, inc.

alright i dont know who is still keeping an eye on this in their friends page. lets bring it back. why the hell not right. i watched speed racer for a couple hours last night, and i was thinking, this is fun. so keep on posting i will as well. so lets see. does anyone play magic, because ive been playing a lot for the past couple of months. i think it pertains because i learned to play it when i was in the sixth grade. what else, i play a lot of nhl 96, nba live 95 and alladin on my sega because my ps is broken. anybody still use an old system

my current lj name is berettamemoirs, but i wanted to let you know i the maintainer of this community, would like to breathe some life into it. add me on berettamemoirs though.
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i used to play lots of magic back in high school, but since then i havent really. i saw some cards at wal-mart the other day and thought about buying them but didn't have enough money on me. and i also used to play nhl 96 and i still played until a few years ago when my sega was stolen by an old roommate. somehow all my cool old stuff either gets lost or stolen. or my parents end up throwing it away. i have bad luck.