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toy_nostalgia's Journal

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theumpteenthtime: i miss pogs.
abandnamedmarc: dude me too
abandnamedmarc: i found a slammer this morning
theumpteenthtime: really
abandnamedmarc: and i cried because i have no pogs for it
theumpteenthtime: wow what a coincidence
theumpteenthtime: :-(
abandnamedmarc: i know
abandnamedmarc: but they were so rad
theumpteenthtime: we should start pogs again
abandnamedmarc: yes indeedy
theumpteenthtime: do they even make them anymore
abandnamedmarc: i dont know
theumpteenthtime: i want to start an old school toy store
abandnamedmarc: heh
theumpteenthtime: like with koosh balls and slinkys
theumpteenthtime: and cards
theumpteenthtime: and pogs
abandnamedmarc: pet rocks
theumpteenthtime: chia pets?
abandnamedmarc: yah
theumpteenthtime: hmm..
theumpteenthtime: what else
theumpteenthtime: tops
theumpteenthtime: yoyos
abandnamedmarc: yah
theumpteenthtime: plastic green army men
theumpteenthtime: can you think of anything
abandnamedmarc: im thinkin
abandnamedmarc: nothing electronic
theumpteenthtime: nothing..
theumpteenthtime: well
theumpteenthtime: mebbe we could find some old nintendos
theumpteenthtime: and sega
abandnamedmarc: atari
theumpteenthtime: but that would be about it i guess
theumpteenthtime: yeah atari
abandnamedmarc: and lots of board games
theumpteenthtime: hell yeah
abandnamedmarc: the classic battleship
theumpteenthtime: pictionary
abandnamedmarc: and pez dispensers up the wazoo
theumpteenthtime: yeah
theumpteenthtime: we could have like competition days
theumpteenthtime: where we see who hs the biggest pez collection
abandnamedmarc: i found a wolverine pez head the other day
theumpteenthtime: Nice.
abandnamedmarc: yah it made my day
theumpteenthtime: we should get some kids together
theumpteenthtime: maybe do it when we're older
abandnamedmarc: thatd be cool
theumpteenthtime: yeah
theumpteenthtime: the only thing we could do right now would be like an online store
theumpteenthtime: but you can get all that crap online anyway
abandnamedmarc: true true
abandnamedmarc: we should start an lj comm for this
theumpteenthtime: i know
theumpteenthtime: i was just thinking about that

and thus the spawning of a community that will treat everyones nostalgia for toys

no grab your pogs, grab your pez and lets rock