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awesome community! i'm a member of the quik stop and saw your post so i thought i'd post here and say hi! i'm a fan of old toys, and i wish i still had all mine! i remember all my pogs and my litebrite and my pocket simon and endless action figures (some of which i still have, NRFB by the way). oh yeah and my hit stix...those drumsticks that were hooked up to that amplifier that you could latch on to your belt or whatever. i was obnoxious with those things.

i've noticed that theyre running out of toy ideas so they're resurrecting toys from the 80's and re-making them. like the new strawberry shortcake dolls that are out now. they don't look a damn thing like the old ones! and i was at wal-mart the other day and saw about fifteen more old toys that they were trying to pass off as totally new. i'm sure the rest of you have noticed this.

well that's it for now! feel free to add me to your friends list if you want...i'm always on the lookout for new buddies.

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